Thursday, May 31, 2012

31/5/2012 fast
the end of the month adi :(
around 3 weeks ++ more to go for final
nowadays keep rushing assignment and presentation
almost everyday is the due date for assignment
summmore now lecturer likes to give us all da works at the same time
the think we are robot? can finish it up so fast...hmmm
STRESS ah!!!
gt test summore...wth
college life really is not easy...i mean it

someone is going to taiwan this saturday and stay there around 8 days
owhhhhh...this whole week we are busy
nt even gt time to meet and skype :(((
bt after someone back from taiwan i will still busy
coz all the presentation is on tat week

~latest picture~

---------continue doing assignment------------

Thursday, May 24, 2012


such a tired week
almost everyday have to go college
nt enough time to rest at all
sunday still have to wake up early for the moral project
although is tired bt we have fun
assignment will never stop coming to us
almost everyday is the due date for assignment life is really busy

because of yesterday we had done our moral project
our lecturer is being so nice to us and cancel today moral class
so my break time for today will be 11am-3.15pm
LOL..damn long
wat can i do in this time?
ahhha...go watch movie wif someone
watched "dark shadow"
this movie nt bad :)))
and have lunch together
woohooo..i spend my break time like this
back to college and continue my class
taadaaa..see ya <3

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


i dunno why
we are trying to avoid argue
but still we are argue almost every night because of little thing
i tot everything will be fine
but actually it is not
i dunno whether is who's problem
maybe mine or yours?
i wondering too
i try my best to make it bt sometimes i really cant
everyone got their problem including me, and i jz dun wan to say it out
sometimes, i hope u can understand and we can be like others
is there we still can maintain?
or it will really let go one day?
i also dunno...
i dunno how long i can stand with it
sometimes we can be very nice, bt sometimes it is worst.
i cant imagine it.
i noe sometimes u are hurt too..
bt i really dunno wat can i do
i tried my best.