Saturday, June 30, 2012


finally, finals is over..
1 week of finals really drive me to crazy
burning midnight oil everyday
it makes me nervous because it is 1st time exam in college life
the feel is likes back to SPM
guess wat..i study every night wif facing laptop and skype-ing
someone accompany me to study every night
although he is nt beside me, bt he is in front of me through laptop <3
yesterday was last day of finals
only had 1 paper and is at 2.30pm
wake up early and continue study until 1pm only go college
actually is planned to have dinner wif buddies after exam
but at the end everyone ffk
so i change my plan to have dinner wif him
finish exam around 5.40pm and he come to pick me up around 6 coz i discuss something wif fren
dunno where to go for dinner..either SS15 or SS2
at the end we choose SS15
regret went to there because tat time was really jam
but at the end we still have our dinner there
planned reach home around 8 sumthing coz adi promise parents
in the meantime, mummy called me and told me they are going out to dinner wif uncle's family
so no nid rush to get back home *im naughty ;D*
so he bring me "游车河" after dinner
then send me back home
reach home before my family back...around 9.30pm
thanks for someone spent his time wif me again <3

Saturday, June 23, 2012


today is a such memorable day for me *wink wink*
we finish all da lesson
which means sem 1 gonna end soon
TRUE~it is really going to end
having final next week {nightmare :(( }
oni went to business communication class today and skipped critical thinking
because there is doing nth in critical thinking class and adi finish the lessons
so went to pyramid wif Candy and Vee Sern (the sweet couple) at 11am
i like being a light bulb when on the way to pyramid ><
luckily someone come earlier today, he was reached pyramid before i reached
then 4 of us straight away go to TGV and buy tickets
planned to watch 2nd time to watch this movie
bought 11.45am 1...
thn Candy and Vee Sern go for lunch whereas both of us just sit at there and chit chat
2 pairs of us sitting different row in cinema..hahaha..act like a stranger LOL
finish movie at around 1.15pm and i was blur...i tot it was adi 2.15pm
summore asked why Vee Sern still dun wan go for his account class @@
both of them went back to college and me and him went to Paparich for lunch
ermmm...their food nt bad
doing nth after lunch...thinking how to spend our time
someone suggest go for another movie again
swt rite? hahaha
we really went to cinema again and have a look see whether gt any nice movie
this movie attract us as well summore gt shows at 2.45pm 
once again we bought movie tickets and go for movie again
2 movies in a day...crazy rite? 
lalalala~~someone fetch me back after movie
miss today so muchhhh <3
not going to meet someone next week because of final :(

p/s: next week FINAL...rawr!!! 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


a little touched
because someone come all da way to college jz want to fetch me back home
i was wondering why he wanna do tat
he told me coz missing someone
and wanna meet her
although it is just around 20 min journey to back my home
but it's enough for me
appreciate it
thanks for someone being my driver today <3

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


祝福他们俩 <3