Wednesday, May 29, 2013

time pass!!

after so long, im back to here again
i dun feel like letting other people noe i re-blog again
because i just wan to share out my feeling here
as i said, im not regret for making the decision to break wif u last year
but i dun noe why sometimes i just care
looking for ur profile
see how well u going to be wif ur current
i noe..i noe u deserve a better one now
maybe she is the one who always can fulfill ur needs compare to me
i noe im not gud enuf
but all the decision tat i made is right
i have been break up wif u year ago
after u i have nt be in relationship anymore till now
i enjoy my single life and yet sometimes i feel lonely
but it's okay :)
i believe....u have a good life wif her
and hope we both still are fren
but sounds a bit hard coz both of us din talk to each other for almost a year
hope everything goes well
and take care! <3

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


i have no idea wat happen wif me nowadays
keep being emo
especially i saw sumthing
i have no idea
i saw nowadays he keep sharing sumthing
and tagged the same girl
she might be his mrs. right
who noe~~
im jealous?
yes, maybe i am.
i tot i have been let go for so long
but when i saw tat
i realize im nt really let go yet
im jz too stupid and stubborn wif it
i even can cry when i think back the past 
it remind me how sweet i enjoy in my last sem
make me think back of it
damn it!!
arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ><

Thursday, September 20, 2012

20/9/2012 blog dead for a month again
i have no time to update it
i work in Samsung,Mid Valley for almost one month
every weekend
since Hari Raya until now
so far nt bad la
all staff are so friendly
quite happy to work at there
but someone keep scold me once i work
he said i suppose concentrate wif my studies and not going to work
although is just weekend -.-
assignment will never end!!
rushing assignment all the days
sleep around 3am++ everyday
i think i going to die soon
and make a decision that not going to work this week
coz i really have to take a good rest
guess wat??!! 
3 more weeks to FINALS!!
oh my goshhhh

Monday, August 13, 2012


is my birthday again~
once a year..happy happy day
actually plan to go for OVERTIME de
but at the end plan failed
not much ppl can make it :(
early birthday celebration wif family on saturday night
yum cha wif jing chang and the gang on saturday evening
have a nice talk wif them
they wanted to help me celebrate my birthday actually
but too bad i force to ffk them XD
papa bring me to PICCADILLY and get me a cake
looks like little girl celebrating birthday HAHAHA
from the first, i think sunday i have no plan
and just stay at home
but Candy told me she going to bring me out on sunday night
so i just said ok 
i think it will oni be me and her
who noe~~they suuprised me!
candy bring andrea and kevin along~
then we head to mid valley
went to Sushi Zanmai for dinner
super duper long queue~
thanks to 3 of them
coz they treat me.
then went to Machines to find Charles
meet him there..a fren~
then went to Starbucks
redeem a free drink
because is my birthday
hohoho~going out without paying anything
so nice weih!
anyway, thanks to everyone who wish me
all fren wish me through fb and phone
if im nt mistaken..i get 200++ wishes in fb
thanks to all my dear fren
u all make my day <3

Sunday, July 29, 2012


nothing much special
day by day
is still the same
last thursday
spent my break time wif fren
went for a movie
Dark Knight is such a nice movie
is worth to watch it
rush back to college for class after movie
went to play badminton wif fren after replacement class
before went to badminton
i feel so pek cek at tat time because of sumthing happen
luckily so ngam gotta go badminton at tat time
is time for me to vent
YES! it's work...
feel more better after badminton

Thursday, July 19, 2012


weee..nth much special today
the most stupid thing is today i have 4 hours 15 min break
such a long break
raining during early in the morning
tats why whole day maintaining cold weather
but when we are in class
we are totally freezing, and become an ice cream stick adi
spent my break time wif andrea
shop wif her after lunch
so happy tat get to buy some accessories with lower price
having malaysian studies class after break
3 hour class
sienz dao BOOMMMM!
i leave after 2 hours class
went to library and find sook min
she was doing revision at there with weng keong and kok doong
after crapping a while
they said wanna go yum cha
i have to follow them to yum cha coz yest night i ffk weng keong and kok doong
and they calling me "飞机女" adi -.-
call mummy ask her dun come fetch me so early
but too bad she is coming from grandma's hse adi
so at the end i asked her went back home first 
and kok doong fetch me back after yum cha 
thanks for everyone :)
they make my day *peace*

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


刚好当晚我去了usj 19吃晚餐
我说“ u can deserve a better one soon"
但你却说" no ler..u can deserve a better one. much better than me :) "