Monday, August 13, 2012


is my birthday again~
once a year..happy happy day
actually plan to go for OVERTIME de
but at the end plan failed
not much ppl can make it :(
early birthday celebration wif family on saturday night
yum cha wif jing chang and the gang on saturday evening
have a nice talk wif them
they wanted to help me celebrate my birthday actually
but too bad i force to ffk them XD
papa bring me to PICCADILLY and get me a cake
looks like little girl celebrating birthday HAHAHA
from the first, i think sunday i have no plan
and just stay at home
but Candy told me she going to bring me out on sunday night
so i just said ok 
i think it will oni be me and her
who noe~~they suuprised me!
candy bring andrea and kevin along~
then we head to mid valley
went to Sushi Zanmai for dinner
super duper long queue~
thanks to 3 of them
coz they treat me.
then went to Machines to find Charles
meet him there..a fren~
then went to Starbucks
redeem a free drink
because is my birthday
hohoho~going out without paying anything
so nice weih!
anyway, thanks to everyone who wish me
all fren wish me through fb and phone
if im nt mistaken..i get 200++ wishes in fb
thanks to all my dear fren
u all make my day <3