Wednesday, May 29, 2013

time pass!!

after so long, im back to here again
i dun feel like letting other people noe i re-blog again
because i just wan to share out my feeling here
as i said, im not regret for making the decision to break wif u last year
but i dun noe why sometimes i just care
looking for ur profile
see how well u going to be wif ur current
i noe..i noe u deserve a better one now
maybe she is the one who always can fulfill ur needs compare to me
i noe im not gud enuf
but all the decision tat i made is right
i have been break up wif u year ago
after u i have nt be in relationship anymore till now
i enjoy my single life and yet sometimes i feel lonely
but it's okay :)
i believe....u have a good life wif her
and hope we both still are fren
but sounds a bit hard coz both of us din talk to each other for almost a year
hope everything goes well
and take care! <3

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