Thursday, July 19, 2012


weee..nth much special today
the most stupid thing is today i have 4 hours 15 min break
such a long break
raining during early in the morning
tats why whole day maintaining cold weather
but when we are in class
we are totally freezing, and become an ice cream stick adi
spent my break time wif andrea
shop wif her after lunch
so happy tat get to buy some accessories with lower price
having malaysian studies class after break
3 hour class
sienz dao BOOMMMM!
i leave after 2 hours class
went to library and find sook min
she was doing revision at there with weng keong and kok doong
after crapping a while
they said wanna go yum cha
i have to follow them to yum cha coz yest night i ffk weng keong and kok doong
and they calling me "飞机女" adi -.-
call mummy ask her dun come fetch me so early
but too bad she is coming from grandma's hse adi
so at the end i asked her went back home first 
and kok doong fetch me back after yum cha 
thanks for everyone :)
they make my day *peace*

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